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U.S. Supreme Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional: What You Need to Know

Hi there, What an exciting week!  I’m pleased to share the following alert regarding DOMA that my colleagues Lisa Cukier, Christine Fletcher and Peter Zupcofska put together today for clients and friends of our firm.  As we celebrate the fall of DOMA there are still lots of legal issues facing gay and lesbian couples in … Continue Reading

A Fascinating Challenge to DOMA

Hi there, Coming up this Thursday is the oral argument before the Federal Court in the GLAD challenge to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. I am someone who is strongly (fervently) in favor of gay marriage.  Single sex adoption has been around for a long time and I had thought that the successful challenge for gay marriage … Continue Reading

Here we go again!

Hi there, According to the New York Times, the highest court in New York will hear arguments on whether or not New York will honor marriages between gay and lesbian couples that are legal elsewhere. I was taught in law school that the constitution requires states to give "full faith and credit" to the laws … Continue Reading