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Modification Process in Massachusetts Divorce Cases

Hi there, The modification process is a bit more streamlined than the divorce process, mainly because there is a lot less discovery.  Since the property division portion of a divorce agreement or judgement is not modifiable, issues of valuation are rarely necessary. Modification has a defined starting date: the date of the divorce.  What were the circumstances … Continue Reading

Understanding the Differences Between Litigation and Mediation in the Divorce Process

Hi there, As I meander around the Internet reading tweets and posts about divorce, I realize there is a great misunderstanding on the differences between litigated divorces and mediated divorces.   Most divorces are resolved by negotiation of one kind or another; in fact, very few divorces go to trial.  Mediation is simply a form of negotiation.  It … Continue Reading

Step 4: Discovery; which is just that

Hi there, Discovery is the point in the process where the attorneys, using various legal tools, are able to quantify just what is going on financially, as well as with other concerns, such as custody or parenting issues. The first financial discovery tools are the Rule 410 production and the financial statement, both of which … Continue Reading