divorce practice

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I have been saving articles on how bad economic times cause folks to stay together since last fall. These pieces have been really prevalent and I had been wondering what it was that made my practice and the domestic relations practice in general at Burns & Levinson different.  We have been extraordinarily busy since January.  I had come to the conclusion that because most of our cases are high end divorces the bad economy was causing more of my clients to move forward rather than wait.  This was confirmed by an article in the American Bar Association Journal.

I think the reality for the decrease in some divorce practices is more complex than simply a result of the recession.  If you look at this post from the Freaknomics blog it is clear that divorce is decreasing not as a result of economic change, but just as a general demographic reality.

I would love to think that this is because people are becoming wiser or kinder, and that may be true, or more likely the young middle aged generation now is the first generation to grow up that were children of divorce, and children of divorce … Keep reading