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U.S. Supreme Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional: What You Need to Know

Hi there, What an exciting week!  I’m pleased to share the following alert regarding DOMA that my colleagues Lisa Cukier, Christine Fletcher and Peter Zupcofska put together today for clients and friends of our firm.  As we celebrate the fall of DOMA there are still lots of legal issues facing gay and lesbian couples in … Continue Reading

DOMA is Gone!

Today the Supreme Court of the Unites States struck down the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  The ruling will make a huge difference for gay couples in states where same-sex is legal, but all states will still retain their right to regulate marriage laws. My colleagues and I are monitoring the coverage of today’s … Continue Reading

Applying for Social Security Survivor’s Benefits During the DOMA Appeal

Hi there, The Supreme Court announces today whether or not they are going to take up a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act in a case arising out of Social Security benefits. As promised, here is a different point of view to last week’s post.  This one is authored by my partner Lisa Cukier, one … Continue Reading

A Fascinating Challenge to DOMA

Hi there, Coming up this Thursday is the oral argument before the Federal Court in the GLAD challenge to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. I am someone who is strongly (fervently) in favor of gay marriage.  Single sex adoption has been around for a long time and I had thought that the successful challenge for gay marriage … Continue Reading

5 Simple Tax Tips About Divorce

Hi There, Happy New Year!  Tax season for 2009 has now begun. Here are 5 simple tax tips about divorce: 1.  Child support is not taxable to the recipient, or to put it more bluntly, she who pays her ex child support also pays the taxes on it. 2.  Alimony is taxable to the recipient, so he … Continue Reading

Divorce and Taxes

Hi there! Divorce and taxes aren’t quite as inevitable as “death and taxes,” but with one out of three marriages ending in divorce it is close.  One of the blogs I subscribe to is called taxgirl and I just read a very good article there on divorce and taxes. One thing to remember if you are part … Continue Reading