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NFL Sheds Spotlight on Domestic Violence

Hi there, I wrote a post in July on domestic violence referencing the Ray Rice situation. At that time I had only seen the first video showing the aftermath. The second video is even more shocking (viewer discretion advised). However, viewing the first video left no doubt in my mind as to what had happened … Continue Reading

Lawyers, Legalese and Latin: Why Lawyers Are Such Language Junkies

Hi there, I think of myself as a down-to-earth person,  but I unthinkingly use language that is the opposite. I blame this on my law school education, although I think lawyers self-select with a love of language and words. Last week’s post was titled “Domestic Violence Redux.”  It wasn’t until I was asked for the … Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Redux

Hi there, I’m writing this on a rainy, thundery Monday, and the gloom feels appropriate for the subject of today’s post. Domestic violence is NOT always male to female. Female to male and same-sex violence happen and are just as bad, but often less reported. All states now have anti-violence protective laws, but a law … Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Revisited

Hi there, I hope you all had a terrific Fourth of July!  I also hope that you were not a victim of domestic violence over a long, hot holiday weekend. I came across some statistics for San Francisco recently which were pretty shocking.  They reflected an increase in domestic violence reporting, due to a local … Continue Reading

Domestic Violence in the News

Hi there, The news has been full of the sad story of football player Jovan Belcher shooting his baby’s mother 9 times, then driving to the practice field and killing himself in front of his coaches. There has been lots of punditry surrounding football and concussions, guns, drugs and alcohol, and even mental illness, but not so much discussion of … Continue Reading

Tiger’s troubles

Hi there, With all the speculation in the news and gossip media about what may, or may not, have happened at Tiger Woods’ home last week, it seems a timely moment to discuss the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention laws. Domestic abuse is a horrible and pervasive thing. It devastates not only the direct victim but the … Continue Reading

Domestic Violence

Hi There, Along with many folks my age I have been watching the news regarding Chris Brown and Rhianna with a jaded sense of "here we go again, another classic case of domestic violence playing itself out in the media."  Then the other night I heard a truly terrifying statistic – a poll of 200 Boston … Continue Reading