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Telling the kids about divorce, and other stuff

Hi there! In almost every divorce case involving children the parents worry about how to tell the kids.  Here is a very good road map on the do’s and dont’s of informing your children about your pending divorce. Not so critical, but also important, is just how to divide your personal property with your soon-to-be-ex.  Here … Continue Reading

Sorry to see it…

Hi there, I was sorry to see that Tuesday the Maine voters rejected single sex marriage. In Massachusetts, however,  the Appeals Court  in what is known as a "slip opinion" (a slip opinion does not have the dis-positive force of law, but can be utilized as part of a court argument or brief), has extended the time … Continue Reading

Here we go again!

Hi there, According to the New York Times, the highest court in New York will hear arguments on whether or not New York will honor marriages between gay and lesbian couples that are legal elsewhere. I was taught in law school that the constitution requires states to give "full faith and credit" to the laws … Continue Reading