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Lawyers, Legalese and Latin: Why Lawyers Are Such Language Junkies

Hi there, I think of myself as a down-to-earth person,  but I unthinkingly use language that is the opposite. I blame this on my law school education, although I think lawyers self-select with a love of language and words. Last week’s post was titled “Domestic Violence Redux.”  It wasn’t until I was asked for the … Continue Reading

In Divorce, Compromise is NOT a Dirty Word

Hi there, While listening to the recent doom and gloom about the government shutdown, I was incredibly annoyed by the perception that everyone in elected office in Washington should have been forced to compromise by their own common sense. It also occurred to me that Washington is not unlike divorce court. Opposing sides, rigid positions, angry murmurs — … Continue Reading

Parental Alienation: Part 2

Hi there, Parental alienation in the divorce process may be an unavoidable fact of life.  Bad situations can make good people behave in destructive ways, and, of course, not everyone pursuing divorce is a good person. As I started to discuss in my last post, there seems to me to be a dramatic increase in the number of divorce cases … Continue Reading

Step 6: What is a GAL?

Hi there, Lawyers like to use arcane language, or at least language that only we use.  GAL is shorthand for a guardian ad litem, which is Latin for a guardian for the litigation, which is an arcane term for a person appointed by the judge in a divorce case generally to perform certain investigatory services … Continue Reading