health insurance in divorce

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In today’s political climate the next item, health insurance, is somewhat challenging to consider.

There should be provisions in all agreements, for both health insurance coverage and for how you will handle the uninsured medical expenses for both yourselves and your children.

Generally this is first an economic and a health consideration; Who has the best insurance at the best price? If there are children then the cost of insurance is covered in the child support guidelines.  The guidelines provide that the custodial parent pays for the first $250 of uninsured expenses for the children, then the parents share the remainder annually.  Generally it is best to spell out what is intended to be covered; medical expenses, dental expenses and counseling expenses, then list what future expenses need to be discussed before they are incurred; there can be a different split of the cost of large ticket items, such as orthodontia as well.

Massachusetts has a provision in its laws that requires health insurance companies with some exceptions to provide post divorce insurance for the spouse of the insured.   This is great unless the insured spouse is employed by a company that is a self insurer … Keep reading