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I have the pleasure of working with a very skilled and funny colleague, Ron Barriere, who for reasons unknown to me follows too much reality TV and has written a very informative post on the divorce of Ms. Kim Kardashian.



My house is the battleground in the ongoing war for reality television supremacy.  I have backed the traditional powerhouse of sport; my wife is a staunch supporter of the upstart soap opera-style antics of trashy housewives and amorous bachelors and bachelorettes.  What a godsend, then, has been the “Humpdashian” saga and its mash-up of pro basketball, reality television’s first family, and surprisingly complex family law issues.  (I will leave the “what is real and what is reality TV?” debate to media critics and sociology professors.)  The latest news from the front raises interesting questions about the distinctions between divorce and alimony, and the legal (and, sometimes, religious) significance of fault in the dissolution of a marriage.

I cannot pretend to know the entire back-and-forth of this saga, nor can I comment upon the accuracy – or inaccuracy – of the reportage to date.  Therefore, for the purposes of this article, I’m going to discuss … Keep reading