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6 Changes to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines

Posted in Alimony and Child Custody

Hi there, The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines change on August 1, 2013. I have asked my colleague, Robin Lynch Nardone, to outline the major changes. There are significant changes, which help fix some of the unclear areas of the old guidelines. Best, Nancy   There are several changes from the previous guidelines to note, including: The 2013… Continue Reading

Clarification of Standard for Modifying Child Support in Massachusetts

Posted in Alimony and Child Custody, Parenting, Children & Divorce

Hi there, On March 12, 2013, the Supreme Judicial Court clarified the standard for modification of child support under the Massachusetts child support guidelines in the case, Morales v. Morales. Before the Morales case there was an ambiguity in the law, where one portion indicated the standard for modification of child support payments was a material… Continue Reading