name change after divorce

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Something to consider if you are a woman contemplating divorce (and isn’t it interesting that only women change their names?) is whether or not you wish to resume your maiden name, (and a maiden name is another medieval concept) not that I am a feminist or anything.

An associate of mine, Andrea Dunbar, has written a very useful piece about just how to do this, and even more useful – where to go to actually change all the documents.  Check it out below!

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While no longer legally obligated to do so, many people take their spouse’s last name upon marriage.  After divorce, this can be a life long, painful reminder of the marriage.  This is why it is important to understand your rights and obligations for changing your name during or after a divorce.  The simplest way to change your name upon divorce is to start the process during the divorce proceedings and plead it in your divorce complaint.  The standard Massachusetts divorce complaint provides a space to request this relief from the Court.  When the Court issues the divorce judgment it will make an order that the complainant spouse … Keep reading