Prince William

Christine Fletcher Burns & Levinson

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Last week was a happy news week with all the royal baby reporting going on. I wasn’t willing to be left behind, so here’s a post from my very able colleague, Christine Fletcher.




Christine Fletcher Burns & Levinson Now that the royal baby has arrived, William and Kate will be dealing with many of the issues that all new parents deal with – late night feedings, diaper changing, potty training, etc.  After all, they have expressed their intention to be hands-on parents.  I wonder if after a few months of sleepless nights and spit up, they change their minds. (Having been a hands-on parent, myself, I can certainly see the benefits of royal life!)  But they must also be thinking about what every parent undoubtedly thinks of: who will care for their little prince if something unforeseen happens to them.  And who will watch out for his financial well-being.

Now I imagine that Will and Kate do not need to worry themselves much with the financial well-being of their new baby.  And they may or may not have much input as to who would raise the little guy in the event of their untimely demise.  But what about … Keep reading