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In last week’s post I shared some tips to help protect your privacy when divorcing.  Following are a few more to consider.

1. Whether you move or stay, make sure that the post office has all the necessary address changes.  Also be sure to contact all the credit card companies, phone carriers, banks, etc. with your change of address.  If you have concerns about the security of mail in a mailbox, get a PO Box.

2. You also need to recognize that your private home may not be so private.  If you have kids, they may stumble across divorce information, or your spouse may come into the house to pick them up for a visit.  Designate a spot to keep your divorce files (and you will be accumulating divorce files) — a  locked filing cabinet may be the best choice.  Never leave computers on with your email account open.

3. You will now be responsible for the protections that are in place for your kids when they are with you. This means you should have computer limitations set for all machines they may even remotely access.  I was somewhat taken aback reading this article on Children’s Keep reading

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For most folks the decision to separate is hard, and the reality of what separation means can be harder.  One of the most important aspects of separating is privacy.  Whether you stay in the marital home or get your own new home, among your first steps should be protecting your privacy.  Following are the first of several tips I have for protecting your privacy when separating.

1.  If you are staying in your home, change the locks as soon as your spouse moves out.  Reprogram the alarm system (if you have one) to a new code.  Also, contact your alarm company to make sure that they will not let your spouse reprogram it again.  Get the garage door opener back and reprogram the garage code.  Make sure that you have all the keys to the vehicles that you drive.

2.  Immediately, if not sooner, change ALL your passwords.  This applies to your email, any online shopping sites, any online business accounts, retirement accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.  Don’t forget to change the password to your smartphone or any other electronic devices.  If you had not utilized the password function on these gadgets before, you absolutely should … Keep reading