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Gray Divorce: Retirement Accounts and Estate Planning

Posted in Gray Divorce

Hi there, I’ve been playing hooky, and my colleague Andrea Dunbar has stepped up to complete her series on points to consider in gray divorces. Best,  Nancy ______________ DIVIDING RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS There are important differences associated with dividing retirement plans that are already in pay status and those that are not.  Some people divorcing later… Continue Reading

Gray Divorce: Social Security and Medicare

Posted in Gray Divorce

Hi there, Gray divorce is on the increase.  As Boomers age they are deciding to divorce.  There are a number of issues that are of particular importance.  My very talented colleague Andrea Dunbar has written today about Social Security and Medicare benefits. Best, Nancy  __________ While each divorce case presents its own set of complex… Continue Reading

Til Death Us Do Part…..

Posted in Alimony and Child Custody

Hi there; Right now one of the more interesting discussions in matrimonial law in Massachusetts is how long should alimony last.  Currently, judges lack the authority to terminate alimony with any finality, due in part to the fact that unless there is an agreement between the parties that the court won’t be able to change… Continue Reading