special needs trusts

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Divorce is even tougher if you have special needs children.  They need more stability and the divorce agreement should reflect their needs.  My very skilled colleague, Elizabeth Crowley, has written a great post on special needs trusts, which are as necessary in a divorced family as in an intact one…

How many of you have in your immediate or extended family, or know someone who has in their family, a disabled child?  In my extended family alone, there are three children who are affected in varying degrees by Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I know firsthand the extraordinary efforts their parents take to obtain services, advocate for their children, and ensure that their children’s current and future needs are taken care of. 

One of the greatest concerns parents and caretakers have is planning for the disabled individual’s future needs after the parents’ deaths.  Will the child be able to live on her own?  Will she be able to hold down a job and earn a living?  Or, in the most severe of cases, might she need around-the-clock care and significant financial support during her entire lifetime?  And, beyond that, how will it be paid for?Keep reading