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Another Tax Trap: Imputed Income and Health Insurance in Divorce Settlements, Part 1

Hi there, April 15th is creeping up on us. I find doing my taxes while its snowing, AGAIN, a real insult. This week and next week’s post were written by my terrific colleagues, Ron Barriere and Jen Green. They highlight a tricky complexity in the new health insurance laws for divorcing couples. Best, Nancy Divorcing spouses have many … Continue Reading

Tax Issues When Dividing Marital Property Pursuant to a Divorce: Part 2

Hi there, This week my very smart colleague Jen Green is back with Part 2 in her series of important tax issues that need to be considered when dividing marital property during a divorce.  Best, Nancy    4. Principal Residence The marital residence is one of the largest marital assets. In general, the tax code provides that … Continue Reading

Taxes: Protect Yourself in Divorce

Hi there, It’s tax time again!  I know this because I am cleaning closets at home to avoid pulling my taxes together.  If you are in the middle of a divorce, you need to be careful about how you file your taxes.  Jennifer Green, my very knowledgeable tax colleague, has some suggestions for this. Best, … Continue Reading

Tip #2 of the Top 5 To-Do’s When You Want to Divorce: Get a Handle on your Finances

Hi there, This tip sounds simple, but many folks have ignored the finances of their marriage because their spouse is in control (and often controlling), or because they have not “needed” to become knowledgeable. If this has been you, right now, you NEED to find out as much as you can.  Where are your assets (i.e. retirement … Continue Reading

Child Support in Massachusetts: Take 2

Hi there; In any support situation, it seems the support is always too much for the person paying, and never enough for the person receiving it.  With child support in Massachusetts, the payments are formulaic.  The Child Support Guidelines were revised a year ago, and here is an update on the revisions. In most cases … Continue Reading

Monday’s Miscellany

Hi there! I hope you stayed dry this past weekend. Just when I think legal advertising can’t get any worse, a colleague directs me to the litigation over the “Lawyer of Love.” I have been watching the health care debate with great interest, and I found this analysis very illuminating.  The Taxgirl is talking about intact … Continue Reading

Tax miscellany

Hi There, Since quarterly taxes are due now, the IRS is on my mind, and so I thought that a post on taxation might be apt. The tax implications of divorce is an area where questions come up consistently.  Taxes affect both support and property division. The rules and results are very different in gay and … Continue Reading

Divorce and Taxes

Hi there! Divorce and taxes aren’t quite as inevitable as “death and taxes,” but with one out of three marriages ending in divorce it is close.  One of the blogs I subscribe to is called taxgirl and I just read a very good article there on divorce and taxes. One thing to remember if you are part … Continue Reading