Such a simple tool capable of creating such great headaches for divorce cases.

For anyone involved in a divorce there are always pitfalls to be avoided, no matter where you are in the process. Some of the pitfalls are obvious, others less so. Today we’ll discuss the first three in a set of seven areas of technology to approach with caution. Apologies for the dramatic title.

1. Your Email Is Not Secure

Virtually everyone has an email address, either at home or at work, so nearly everyone will be impacted by many of the problems that can come from that. If you are divorcing and you have an email account, stop reading this post and go set up a new account. Then come back and finish reading. Create a new Gmail or Outlook account that you can use exclusively for personal communications such as those about your divorce, with your lawyer, questions for the accountant, etc. If you have an account you can’t get rid of, such as a work email or an AOL email you’ve had for 15 years, change the password right away.… Keep reading

Isn’t she lovely? She gets it from her mother.

Hi there,

A little over a year ago my daughter, Cici Van Tine joined us here as a partner. It has been a wonderful change and she is a terrific addition. As a proud mom I could happily write an entire blog post about how good she is and what fun it is to work with her… She is more tech savvy than I am, as ones’ children often are, and she worked in a tech crimes division as an Assistant District Attorney.

Our next couple of posts will be by Cici on the 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce, enjoy!

Nancy… Keep reading