Tip #1 of the Top 5 To-Do’s When You Want to Divorce

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First step in the divorce processMy first tip is very simple.  Be SURE you want to divorce.  If yours is not a situation involving physical violence, emotional violence, addiction or adultery (all of which, in my mind, almost always necessitate divorce), then you are making a choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the ability and freedom to make this choice is an excellent thing — you just want to be certain that you are clear about it because divorce is pretty final and it is also pretty tough and expensive.

Over the 34 years I’ve been a divorce attorney, I have seen folks who clearly had made the right choice regarding divorce.  I have run into these people, years later, and they are still glad they made the decision they did.  Then there are those who made the decision without thinking it through, perhaps in a moment of anger when the grass looked greener.  When I meet these people again years later, long after the divorce is done, they are the people who are often unhappy with the way their lives turned out.

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It really doesn’t seem possible that Thanksgiving is this week (what I am really saying is I am having 27 folks for dinner and I am so not ready)!

This week’s miscellany includes a really useful tool for parents, divorced and not, to handle scheduling through the Internet.  I have long been in favor of divorced parents communicating via email.  In fact, we have been known to train clients in how to keep the conversation civil.  This service, as lawyer/blogger Michelle O’Neil points out in the excellent Dallas Divorce Law Blog, has even been utilized as a tool by the courts.

It seems the news is still full of stories about the rise in personal bankruptcies and foreclosures.  I know the tough economy has to be even tougher for folks trying to make the income that once covered one household stretch to two.  Here is a good article on some financial mistakes that may lead to bankruptcy, courtesy of the Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor.

Yet another jurisdiction is considering the gay marriage issue.

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