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With all the speculation in the news and gossip media about what may, or may not, have happened at Tiger Woods’ home last week, it seems a timely moment to discuss the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention laws.

Domestic abuse is a horrible and pervasive thing. It devastates not only the direct victim but the most innocent of bystanders – the children. If violence did occur at the Woods’ abode I would bet it was a single, wild fight, violent and horrible with lethal potential but not the ongoing, personality destroying, dehumanizing continuum of real domestic abuse.

If you read the news, at least every day another person (usually a woman) is killed in the United States as a result of domestic violence.

In an attempt to stem the tide, states have enacted various laws to try and prosecute the abuser even when the victim refuses to testify. (One of the most demoralizing situations family lawyers face is a victim returning to the batterer and then refusing to testify. In Florida, if Tiger were to say his wife had hit him with the golf club (if she did?) then he would have no further control of the situationKeep reading

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I started out the weekend thinking I wouldn’t have anything to put up today; however, thanks to my fellow bloggers I have some great links!

First, from Taxgirl, a post on child support. I have gotten similar inquiries on my post on child support as well.

Here’s a funny (and true) story about giving the ‘bird’ during a parking dispute.  You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

Then another post from Taxgirl, (that’s 2 in one blog post, thank you Taxgirl!) a fascinating post on Tiger Woods and taxes.  A partner of mine always says that tax ties into everything and I guess he is right.

And finally, a very funny post on how to survive the holidays.  I also had a post on this, Holidays Are For Kids, a few days ago which might be helpful – it outlines a few schedule options for dealing with the holidays as a divorcee with kids.


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I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving.  Back to the real world now …

A friend sent me this map of unemployment statistics (originally written by Latoya Egwuekwe and published by the American Observer), which outlines the Geography of a Recession, by month and county/state.  It is real clear that a lot of folks are still having a terrible time regardless of the small improvements we may see or hear about.

One of the more frightening realities of being a divorce lawyer is having a client who you are certain is at terrible risk of domestic violence. I don’t know what caused this lawyer to follow her client in her car but let us hope that the client lives.  It sounds as if the quick first aid (not part of the law school curriculum) may have helped (courtesy of the ABA Journal).

It was apparently a slow news weekend as Tiger Woods‘ unfortunate mishap, or whatever it really was, lead the news.  My bet is on a “marital spat.”  Just in case you were curious (I know I was), here are the five things you need to know about Tiger Woods’ Keep reading