Hi there,

I have been struggling to learn how to tweet (I can’t tell you how I shudder to use that word; my English teacher mother is rolling in her grave).  Despite my whining I am truly addicted to how much information you can get on Twitter, and keep getting on an ongoing basis.

From the hundreds of tweets out there everyday relating to divorce, I have selected below my Twelve Tweets of Twistmas….

  1. Divorce Research 2011: Top 11 Findings Of The Year (via @huffingtonpost)
  2. Divorce After 50: Why It’s More Complex (via @Dad’sDivorce)
  3. When Your Ex Goes Overboard at Christmas (via @huffingtonpost)
  4. Hulk Hogan Files Defamation Suit Against Ex Linda Bollea Over Autobiography Claims (via @foxnews)
  5. Three Holiday Divorce Mistakes to Avoid (via @Dad’sDivorce)
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