Valentine’s Day

Deciding to Divorce: It's OK to Get Cold Feet

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Some of the heaviest divorce filing times of the year are February (after Valentine’s Day) and March. I see a lot of new clients but also quite a few clients who I had met with before, but weren’t ready to move forward with divorce when we first met.

It’s OK to get cold feet. It’s OK to change your mind, too. And if you are the initiator of the divorce you should be doing some heavy-duty soul-searching before you initiate the process. It’s one of the hardest decisions you will make.

Often it’s actually good to take the time, if you safely can, to process whether or not divorce is really what you want to do. Many times folks decide to delay divorce until the kids have left for college. Unless you are going to be the spouse paying alimony, there may be no specific economic reason for filing sooner rather than later. You should carefully consider your economic relationship. For example, would your spouse seek to hide money, should you delay filing?  Or do either of you have an immediate expectation of a considerable inheritance?

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Not So Happy Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day chocolatesI love Valentine’s Day.  Actually, I love anything that includes chocolate.

I wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day.  If this happens to be a lousy one for you, I am sorry — you are not alone.  Valentine’s Day is actually a busy season for divorce lawyers.  I’ve always felt, anecdotally, that this was so but now there is some hard proof.

We now know it happens but not why.  If you chose to start your divorce process for some reason tied to Valentine’s Day, I’d love to know why.



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