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Tip 5: The Interview

Hi there, Glad you’ve followed through to the last tip!  Read on for information to assist you in completing your search for the right attorney to handle your divorce. Remember, and keep remembering, the purpose of the initial consultation -it is to enable you to decide if the person conversing with you is going to represent … Continue Reading

Tip 4: Shopping Around

Hi there, We’re getting closer!  Hope these tips are helpful in your search for the right divorce lawyer. An interview with a prospective lawyer is called a “consultation” or an “initial consultation.” Some charge a fee for this, others don’t. Don’t make the mistake of interviewing only those who offer free initial consults. Most of … Continue Reading

Tip 1: Ask Around

Hi there, Let’s begin! Start by talking with family, friends and acquaintances who are current or recent parties to divorce. Ask them who their attorney is/was, and how they rate him/her. Remember that it isn’t uncommon for both divorce litigants to think they “lost,” and that the lawyer who represented their ex was a superhero. … Continue Reading